Young CEO Returns to Harvard Club to Present the "ABC's of Digital Marketing"
Wednesday, June 5th 2019, 4:00 PM

CEO of Triple Agent Digital Media to Make Second Speaking Appearance at the Harvard Club of Boston

Houston, United States - June 5, 2019 / Agency Intelligence /

This June, Alexander Velitchko, CEO of Triple Agent Digital Media, will be making his second speaking appearance at the Harvard Club of Boston. He made his award-winning public speaking debut at the venue last July. The line-up of speakers at the event included Caitlyn Jenner and George Ross, Donald Trump's attorney for over 40 years and co-star on The Apprentice. At the Harvard Club, Alexander shared his story and expertise with thought-leaders, change-makers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all around the world.

Since that first speech, 19-year-old Velitchko has embarked on an acclaimed speaking tour with stops at NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, the New York City Bar Association, and the West Point Military Academy. The "SEO Genius" and best-selling author has used these opportunities to advance his core mission: to make the latest digital marketing technology easy to understand for entrepreneurs and experts in all professions and all walks of life.

As the time for his second appearance at the Harvard Club of Boston approaches, Alexander looks forward to explaining online marketing strategies and techniques. In the talk, he will present his audience with his new "ABC's of Digital Marketing" formula, which he introduced at NASDAQ this past February. The "ABC's of Digital Marketing" is a uniquely accessible digital marketing method which empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to make their voices heard. The "ABC's" represent Advertising, Branding, and Content Marketing. This trio of tactics make up the core services that Triple Agent Digital Media offers to clients.

The memorability and simplicity of the “ABC’s” system is the biggest reason why Alexander’s message has resonated with audiences. After hearing one of Velitchko's talks, businesswoman Kathleen Kirkwood said “Not only did Alexander have great presence and great stories, but he had a digital aspect that I really think just nailed it for me. Digital marketing is exactly what is lacking, even in my business. He was talking about ways to do it, that are simple, easy, and he’s an expert at it. It really impressed me, because THAT’s the missing link!”

Led by Alexander and Arkadi Velitchko, Triple Agent Digital Media is an innovative trailblazer in the digital marketing industry. The company leverages the "ABCs of Digital Marketing" formula, an easily understandable strategy that employs the latest and most successful marketing technologies to produce measurable results. Triple Agent Digital Media deploys this formula to build exposure for business professionals. These services connect entrepreneurs with their optimal audience and help their brand to dominate the industry across online media platforms.


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