Houston's All-in-One Solution for Small Business Cybersecurity Best Practices
Friday, July 28th 2023, 6:01 PM

Cybersecurity Best Practices Made a Reality with Monitoring, Detection, Training and Financial Protection

Houston, United States - July 28, 2023 / Agency Intelligence /

Implementing Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses with AIO Integrations

Agency Intelligence, in partnership with Houston cyber security services company AIO Integrations, announces a suite of cybersecurity solutions designed to help small businesses implement the best cybersecurity practices. 

With the recent surge in cyber threats, such as the HCA Healthcare data breach affecting 11 million patients – including their 13 centers in AIO and Agency Intelligence’s native Houston – it's more crucial than ever for businesses to fortify their digital defenses.

AIO Integrations, true to the “AIO”, is a truly All-In-One solution – in that, it combines protection, 24/7 human monitoring, training, and financial protection. AIO not only protects businesses and prevents cyber-attacks, but also educates them on cybersecurity best practices. This ensures small businesses are comprehensively covered – as well as prevented from facing a cyber incident or downtime.

Kirby Atwood, CEO of AIO Integrations, states, "Our mission is to provide businesses with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that not only protects but also educates. We believe in empowering businesses to protect themselves in the digital landscape."

Kirby Atwood, CEO of AIO Integrations

Robert Trembath, CTO of AIO Integrations, says, "We have designed our services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. From basic protection to advanced data recovery capabilities, we have a plan that fits your business." 

Robert Trembath, CTO of AIO Integrations

Cybersecurity for Home Business and Families: AIO CyberGuard Family and MS360

The AIO CyberGuard Family plan is perfect for families and home-based businesses, providing AI-powered protection, 24/7 device monitoring, and backup for up to five devices. It comes with AIO’s exclusive cybersecurity awareness training tailored for both parents and children. This plan is ideal for families with school-aged children who are increasingly online for both education and entertainment – especially as gaming and social media, unregulated, can pose serious threats to the safety of impressionable young children.

For home-based or small businesses with up to 10 computers, the AIO CyberGuard MS360 plan offers a higher level of protection. It includes 24/7 system monitoring, device and update management, unlimited help desk services, and one of AIO’s optional services: a $1,000,000 Cyber Financial Protection Plan, which covers actual financial losses in the event of a data breach. This plan is ideal for businesses that handle sensitive data, such as a small law firm or accounting practice.

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses with 10+ Employees: AIO CyberGuard Managed Protection

The AIO CyberGuard Managed Protection plan provides basic, reliable cybersecurity for businesses with 10 or more employees. It includes AI-powered protection, device monitoring and management, and threat awareness training & certification. This plan is perfect for small businesses that need to ensure their devices are protected from cyber threats, such as a small retail business or a startup with a tight budget.

The AIO CyberGuard Managed Cyber-Security & Cloud Backup plan provides a more comprehensive solution for businesses that need both cybersecurity and data backup services, adding enterprise cloud backup into the mix. This plan is ideal for businesses that handle sensitive customer data – especially vulnerable to theft – and need both robust cybersecurity and data backup services, such as a small to medium-sized healthcare clinic or a financial services firm.

Finally, the AIO Server BDR and Managed Cyber-Security plan is designed for businesses that require advanced data protection and recovery capabilities. The backups on this plan are fully encrypted with unlimited storage. This plan is perfect for businesses with servers that have a lot of data to protect and need advanced data recovery capabilities, such as a medium-sized e-commerce business or a tech company.

How Do You Implement Cybersecurity in Your Business? AIO Integrations Has the Answer

In conclusion, AIO Integrations, in partnership with Agency Intelligence, is committed to helping small businesses implement cybersecurity best practices. With their all-in-one solutions, businesses can rest assured that they are protected from cyber threats while also being educated on how to maintain a secure digital environment.

Alexander Velitchko, Owner and Director of Operations of Agency Intelligence, adds, "Our partnership with AIO Integrations allows us to provide businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to implement cybersecurity best practices. We are excited to be part of this mission to secure the digital landscape for businesses."

Alexander Velitchko of Agency Intelligence

About Agency Intelligence:

Agency Intelligence is a Houston, Texas-based, family-owned digital marketing agency, with services ranging from web design and sales automation to search engine optimization and growth partnering. The company leads with a results-first, science-based approach, constantly testing and keeping up with the latest technology and trends necessary to generate clients and a reputation from organic search advertising. In partnership with AIO Integrations, they aim to provide businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to ensure peace of mind with their technology.

About AIO Integrations:

AIO Integrations is a veteran-owned, 100% U.S.-based computer support company based in Houston, Texas, serving 5,600+ customers nationwide. The award-winning company’s strategy is to provide computer support through the existing tools and hardware that consumers already have – on account that nine out of ten data breaches occur at the end user’s device.

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