Agency Intelligence Announces Cybersecurity Partnership with AIO Integrations
Monday, July 3rd 2023, 6:26 AM

Houston Digital Marketing Agency Offers Full-Service Cybersecurity Support through New Partnership

Houston, United States - June 26, 2023 / Agency Intelligence /

Agency Intelligence is proud to announce a strategic partnership with AIO Integrations, LLC, bringing together AIO Integrations' experience in providing comprehensive cybersecurity as a service and Agency Intelligence's experience in science-based marketing, growth partnering, and consulting for small businesses.

Agency Intelligence

In today's technological landscape, even small businesses must prioritize cybersecurity. An alarming 82% of businesses targeted by ransomware are forced to close their doors within three months due to poor backups or stolen data. This partnership was formed out of a need to fill the gap in technology education and guidance among small businesses – necessary to avoid devastating risks to their livelihood.

"Cybersecurity is a concern for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses and home-based businesses, in particular, can struggle to find the resources they need to protect themselves," said H. Kirby Atwood, CEO and President of AIO Integrations. "With many years of experience in various industries, including technology, I understand the importance of a strong cybersecurity framework. This partnership with Agency Intelligence allows us to provide our top-tier cybersecurity services to more businesses, helping them safeguard their critical data and systems."

Robert Trembath, CTO of AIO Integrations, elaborates on the technical aspects of the partnership. "Our cybersecurity as a service (CSaaS) solution is a proactive and comprehensive approach to protecting businesses from cyber risks. With this partnership, we're excited to bring our robust and cost-effective cybersecurity solution to more small businesses, enabling them to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure the uninterrupted operation of their businesses.” 

AIO Integrations’ CyberGuard products and services are a truly full-service, comprehensive solution to a company’s security and technology needs. They offer round-the-clock surveillance, AI-empowered threat detection, swift incident response, compliance management, and cybersecurity education and training. These services are designed to provide peace of mind, restoring the 'heartbeat of technology' that allows small businesses to thrive.

Agency Intelligence is a family-owned digital marketing agency, with services ranging from copywriting and web design to search engine optimization and growth partnering. The company leads with a results-first, science-based approach, constantly testing and keeping up with the latest technology and trends necessary to generate clients and a reputation from organic search advertising.

Alexander Velitchko, Owner and Director of Operations at Agency Intelligence, is optimistic about the opportunities this partnership brings to the small businesses his agency serves. "The combination of our experience in digital marketing and AIO's proficiency in cybersecurity provides a unique value proposition. By leveraging AIO's advanced technologies, threat intelligence, and full-service solutions, we can now provide our clients with an unparalleled level of protection against emerging cyber threats, no matter how big or small. 

He added, "This partnership goes beyond marketing, reaching into the operational needs of the businesses we serve. It's about not only helping businesses grow but also ensuring they can operate securely in today's digital landscape. This is what makes this partnership so significant."

By leveraging AIO’s advanced technologies and threat intelligence, Agency Intelligence is committing to fortifying its clients’ businesses against cyber threats and helping them reclaim their peace of mind. AIO Integrations also offers an optional underwritten $1 million financial protection plan – a shield against unforeseen costs if a breach occurs while AIO’s system is on guard. 

In conclusion, this strategic partnership further strengthens Agency Intelligence's ability to deliver cutting-edge small business solutions. Both companies are committed to helping businesses navigate the complex cyber landscape, protect their valuable assets, and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Both companies are based in Houston, Texas, and the initiative will begin with small businesses and home-based businesses within the state, including the Clear Lake community.

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