Introducing Lifetime SEO Pro, a One-Time Payment, Free-for-Life Software
Monday, June 26th 2023, 10:00 AM

Agency Intelligence Launches Disruptive Lifetime SEO Software and Service with Low Entry Point

Houston, United States - June 26, 2023 / Agency Intelligence /

Agency Intelligence, a leading innovator in the digital marketing industry, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking product, "Lifetime SEO Pro". Now exiting beta after 3 years of testing, this revolutionary software stands out in the SEO landscape, offering a unique one-time payment, free-for-life model in an industry known for its recurring costs and varied quality.

Agency Intelligence (AI)

"We recognized a significant pain point for businesses navigating the SEO landscape," said Alexander Velitchko, the owner and director of operations of Agency Intelligence, "Quality SEO services often come with premium costs, while more affordable options and automated software may fall short due to insufficient investment in proper SEO, misconceptions about the process, or miscommunication about their true offerings. Lifetime SEO Pro is our answer to that problem."

Lifetime SEO Pro aims to bridge the gap between cost and quality in SEO services. By providing comprehensive SEO software and service for a one-time payment, Agency Intelligence is looking to revolutionize how businesses approach search engine optimization.

Unlike certain free versions of software or services, the functionality of Lifetime SEO Pro is not limited. "Lifetime SEO Pro is not just about affordability,” added Alexander Velitchko, Owner. “It's a comprehensive service that leverages our continuous testing of what works in the field, targets researched buyer keywords, focuses on fast results, works with any website platform, adapts to current and future algorithm updates, and analytics and reporting so the client can measure results and track progress.”

The lifetime plan includes 5 keywords that are selected for or with the client, though Velitchko emphasizes that rankings are not limited to these 5 keywords, as by nature of targeted queries, search engines tend to position websites for many other related searches, as proper SEO work on websites builds a reputation of “topical relevance” with the search engines.

“We have meticulously tested this system to ensure it doesn't compromise on functionality and quality despite its affordability. In particular, we leverage a unique method of on-page and off-page SEO that leverages the signals search engines are looking for, without setting off their link-spam algorithm alarms.”

While the one-time payment plan of Lifetime SEO Pro offers unlimited usage, Agency Intelligence understands that businesses have varying needs. For businesses looking for more, Agency Intelligence also provides higher-tier monthly plans for this simple SEO solution, billed on a per-keyword basis, that scale seamlessly with clients' requirements. This flexible approach ensures that businesses of all sizes and stages of growth can enjoy the benefits of high-quality SEO without breaking the bank.

Larger and enterprise clients work with Agency Intelligence on a partnership basis, seamlessly integrating the Lifetime SEO Pro services into the overall scope of work.

Alexander Velitchko a.k.a. Alexander Vee, owner of

"Our goal is to empower businesses to take control of their SEO strategy without worrying about recurring costs or limited functionality," said Alexander Velitchko, Owner. "We're excited to see how our clients will leverage the unlimited potential of Lifetime SEO Pro to grow their online presence and achieve their business goals."

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